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Deluxe Repotting Kit Repot With Ease



Give your plant room to grow with our Deluxe Repotting Kit. Thoughtfully curated for a mess-free experience at home, each kit comes with everything you’ll need for repotting plants, including step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial to follow along the way. To determine which size kit you need, measure your current pot and select the size that is 2 inches larger.


So long to enormous bags of soil and regretting your DIY decisions at home. Our Deluxe Repotting Kit was designed to make repotting plants a simple and enjoyable weekend project so your plants may grow and thrive for years to come.
Repotting Kit includes:
  • 6", 10", 12” or 14” Diameter Nursery Pot
  • 8 qt Bag of Indoor Potting Soil 1 qt for 6"
  • Kraft Paper Floor Protection
  • Clear Garden Tie
  • Staging Block
  • Preserved Forest Moss
  • Large Moisture Meter (Medium for 6")
  • Repotting tips, a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions
Please take careful note of the diameter of your plant to ensure you select the correct size:
  • The 6 Repotting Kit is intended for plants currently in a ~4” pot
  • The 10 Repotting Kit is intended for plants currently in a ~6 or 8” pot
  • The 12” Repotting Kit is intended for plants currently in a ~10” pot
  • The 14” Repotting Kit is intended for plants currently in a 12” pot.
Renée - Plant stylist at Léon & george
Vicky Plant doctor at Léon & George

Repotting to a larger size container gives your plant extra room for growth. For larger plants, consider repotting them every 1-2 years.

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customer reviews for the Deluxe Repotting Kit

The plants are great but the curated experience is better

I LOVE how easy you make it and the plant doctor line for help alone makes it worth it. I've kept my plants alive longer than any plants I've owned in the past at this point

Eric H.

Verified Buyer

February 11, 2024


Even better than anticipated

I expected something simple and this has exceeded my expectations. My plant is growing and thriving as it should!

Jessica K.

Verified Buyer

December 31, 2023

Leander, TX

Great service and just what I needed!

Repotting Kit…. Perfect.

Nancy G.

Verified Buyer

August 29, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Featured Questions

What size repotting kit do I need?

To determine which size you should select, measure the diameter of your plant’s plastic nursery pot. If it measures 10”, you will use the 12” kit, and if it measures 12”, you will use the 14” kit.

Quick tip: if you have a large plant from Léon & George, it will use the 12” repotting kit. Certain XL plants from Léon & George will use the 14” repotting kit. Please note that we currently do not offer repotting kits for XL plants that are already in a 14” pot.

What’s included in the repotting kit?

Our Deluxe Repotting Kit comes with everything you need to repot 10” plants to 12” pots, and 12” plants to 14” pots.  

This includes:

  • (1) 12” or (1) 14” diameter nursery pot, depending on which was selected at check out

  • (1) 8qt Bag of Indoor Potting Soil

  • Large piece of kraft paper for easy clean up and to protect your floors

  • Clear garden tie to support loose branches as needed

  • Styrofoam staging block to elevate your plant inside its pot

  • Bag of preserved moss

  • Large moisture meter

  • A QR code to step-by-step instructions plus video tutorial

What is the best time of year to repot plants?

The best time of year to repot plants is spring and summer, when they are actively growing.

Which plants can I use the repotting kit with?

This repotting kit was intended for all large and select extra large floor plants. It can be used with any plant that is in a 10” or 12” nursery pot.

Does the kit come with a new ceramic planter?

No, but you can purchase the ceramic planter and kit together at a lower, bundled price here for the 12" kit and here for the 14" kit.

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