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L'Alchimie Botanique, must-have treatments for plants and trees

Our premium plant care products were created to nurture all plant varieties, from vibrant Snake Plants to delicate Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees. Explore our nutrient-rich foliage mist, natural insecticidal neem treatment and potent fertilizer. Only the best goes into these essentials, formulated in-house and made locally in Los Angeles for your plants and trees.

Exceptional Plant Care Essentials $76

What's Included
Natural Foliar Feed
Organic Black Soap Spray
Natural Plant Food


Our founding product, L'Original, is a naturally crafted black soap spray, designed to shine foliage and leaves, deter pests and keep your plants fresh and clean. Made according to the tradition of pure olive oil soaps from the South of France, L'Original features a fresh, earthy aroma and can be used safely for cleaning the home as well as plants.

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Potion Magique

A gentle, nutrient-rich foliar mist composed of minerals and essential oils, for healthy leaves, foliage and robust growth. Potion Magique is dispensed in an aromatic fine mist for a transcendent application experience.

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How to Use

  • Wipe leaves clean with L'Original soap spray. This allows your plant to soak up the maximum amount of light, keep insects away, and shine bright and beautiful.

  • Feed your plants with Boost Vitaminé. Soil naturally has all the nutrients a plant needs for its roots to make a home, but over time, the nutrients can become depleted or build up in pockets that become inaccessible for your plant. Adding fertilizer to your watering routine gives your plant a complete vitamin boost. The nutrients stay in the soil and is a good way to keep your plant fed for longer periods of time.

  • Keep your plants nourished with Potion Magique. Used frequently in gardening to help stimulate growth, foliar fertilizers can be diluted and sprayed onto leaves for faster absorption through the pores in a plant's foliage. This method is effective in providing micro-doses of iron and zinc, particularly helpful when your plant shows initial signs of nutrient deficiency. Consider this a boost in between doses of soil feeding.

  • All three elixirs can be used as part of your routine, though not all at the same time. We recommend fertilizing every other week during spring and summer and on the days in between, misting 3x week in the morning or early evenings.

How to Use

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