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Restorative Plant Care Essentials
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Restorative Plant Care Essentials Heal, Nourish and Grow



Keep your (plant’s) medicine cabinet fully stocked. Our complete set of natural vitamins and pest solutions is the ultimate curative remedy for plants undergoing stress due to common ailments such as fungus or infestation. Including natural plant food, neem oil and foliar feed, this kit is essential for any plant parent and ideal to have on hand at all times.


Swiftly and effectively treat common infestations such as scale, mealybug and spidermites while also replenishing depleted nutrients in your plant’s leaves, stems and soil.

Set includes one of each:

Super Neem Oil - Neem Oil Treatment Spray
Discover the benefits of neem oil and treat your plants with this potent, all-natural fungicide, miticide and insecticide. Made with oil from the neem tree and infused with lemon eucalyptus for its protection-boosting properties and aroma, Super Neem Oil is suitable for use on leaves, stems and soil.
Contents: 8OZ. / 236ML

Boost Vitaminé - Indoor Plant Food
Nourish your plants with this specially-formulated liquid plant food, made with just four potent nutrients from nature.
Contents: 4OZ. / 120M

Potion Magique - Herbal Foliar Feed
A rich mixture of vitamins and minerals for an instant microdose of nutrients plus a touch of mood-boosting aromas. Applied as a spray, this solution keeps your foliage green, your houseplants happy and your home filled with a luxurious scent.
Contents: 2OZ. / 60ML

Locally Made in Los Angeles

Renée - Plant stylist at Léon & george
Vicky Plant doctor at Léon & George

Prevention is best when it comes to pests, but acting quickly is a close second! Keep neem oil on hand and use the minute you spot insects, and once your plant is cured, restore essential nutrients with plant food and foliar feed.

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customer reviews for the Restorative Plant Care Essentials

Amazing. Results after one use.

Immediate improvement in leaf sheen after a single use. Really. Wow.

Lori O.

Verified Buyer

August 08, 2023

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

John A.

Verified Buyer

August 06, 2022

Grapevine, TX

Featured Questions

What’s the difference between the Preventative Plant Care Essentials set and Restorative Plant Care Essentials set?

Both sets are great for beginners and seasoned plant owners alike.

The Preventative set features L’Original, a black olive oil soap spray that gently yet effectively cleans leaves and stems to ward off pests and give a natural shine.

The Restorative set in turn features Super Neem Oil, a powerful pest treatment to use against current infestations. Both sets include Boost Viatminé, a natural plant food, and Potion Magique, a foliar feed and plant mist. 

Each item may be purchased a la carte as well here.

I already have the Preventative Plant Care Essentials set. Do I still need Super Neem Oil?

We recommend all plant owners have a bottle of Super Neem Oil on hand so that they may act quickly when pests arise. You may purchase it a la carte here, or with the Restorative Plant Care Essentials set.

Learn more about Super Neem Oil ~~here~~

I already have the Restorative Plant Care Essentials set. Do I still need the soap spray (L’Original)?

L’Original is the best way to keep your plants clean, shiny and glowing, and we recommend plant owners use it regularly as a pest prevention method. You may purchase it a la carte here, or with the Preventative Plant Care Essentials set.

How effective the Super Neem Oil is?

Our Super Neem Oil is highly effective because it combats hundreds of pest infestations including but not limited to gnats, mites, mealybugs, and scale.

Do I need to mix the Super Neem Oil?

No, our Super Neem Oil is pre-diluted and ready to use.

How can I use the Super Neem Oil?

Our Super Neem Oil is powerful, and therefore only needs to be used once a week to treat infestations. Once the pests appear to be gone, we recommend continued use every two to three weeks to ensure they don't come back.

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