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Mid-Century Modern Planters

Discover our heirloom-quality mid century planters with stand. Planters are 100% water-sealed, safe for your floors, and for use both indoors and out.

Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Planters

Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Planters

From high-fired stoneware to furniture-grade wood stands, planters that can stand the test of time. Explore our collection of classic, streamlined Mid-Century Modern ceramic planters, sustainably crafted from premium stoneware and hand-finished.

Mid-Century Cylinder - The Four


4 inch diameter

7 Pot Options

Mid-Century Cylinder - The Six


6 inch diameter

12 Pot Options

Mid-Century Cylinder - The Ten


10 inch diameter

28 Pot Options

Mid-Century Cylinder - The Twelve

Starting At $185

12 inch diameter

32 Pot Options

Mid-Century Cylinder - The Fourteen

Starting At $254

14 inch diameter

32 Pot Options

Premium Plant Wood Stand

Starting At $69


12 Pot Options

Your Search for The Perfect Planter is Over

Form meets function with our handcrafted ceramic planters, designed for optimal plant health while also complementing any interior or exterior space.

Available in multiple sizes, colors and styles, Léon & George ceramic planters are perfectly suited for small and large plants alike, and crafted for both indoor and outdoor use. Sized to fit most grow pots, each is designed with extra space or deep saucers for drainage.

Discover our collection of premium ceramic pots, from the classic look of our mid-century planters to the clean and minimal aesthetic of our more modern designs.

A handcrafted, responsible and premium design

No detail is spared in the making of our ceramic planters. Using a proprietary clay blend which prioritizes superior texture, weight and durability, each planter is handcrafted, high-fired and hand-finished with a waterproof matte glaze. The result is an attractively lightweight, chip-resistant, and tightly water-sealed planter.

We also know how difficult it can be to find large ceramic planters that spare neither quality nor style-- and how difficult it is to make them. Our planters are a labor of love, handcrafted from solid clay using traditional methods that result in seamless vessels made to last a lifetime.

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