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Low Maintenance Plants for Summer

Plants that can survive your summer travel plans.


Snake Plant Laurentii

Starting At $109

medium 1 ½ ft tall

16 Pot Options


Euphorbia Trigona

Starting At $89

small 6-8 in tall

7 Pot Options


Mexican Fence Post Cactus

Starting At $99

small 6-8 in tall

6 Pot Options


Silver Snake Plant


large 3 ½ ft tall

3 Pot Options

Outdoor Plant

Sago Palm

Starting At $329

large 2-2 ½ ft tall

8 Pot Options

Monstera Deliciosa


large 2 ½ ft tall

15 Pot Options


Ponytail Palm

Starting At $329

large 2 ½ – 3 ft tall

16 Pot Options

Bird of Paradise


large 3-3 ½ ft tall

3 Pot Options

Great Gift

Year Of The Dragon Braided Money Tree


small 1 ft tall

Popular House Plants, Seamless Service

From lucky Braided Money Trees to resilient Snake Plants and the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig, expect to find all your favorite plant varieties and more.

We make plant delivery simple. Each plant is processed swiftly and securely shipped in custom-engineered insulated packaging to your address.

Looking for the perfect gift? There's no finer gift than one that grows, so go ahead and send someone something special with our exceptional plant gift delivery service.

Local plant delivery available in Southern California.

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Exceptional Indoor Plants

You care about the details, and so do we. That's why there's so much that goes into the making of each and every Léon & George plant set:
  • California-grown plants that have been carefully inspected for quality, beauty and size
  • Trimmed, cleaned, styled and treated with our own all all-natural soap, plant food and insecticides
  • Fitted to heirloom quality stoneware ceramic planters, potted for optimal airflow and drainage, and finished with decorative forest moss
Sending a gift? Léon & George is the gold standard for plant gift delivery, and the perfect choice for an impressive gift for any occasion.

A Lifetime of Support

New to indoor plants? We offer free lifetime access to our Plant Doctor service, through which our staff of master gardeners and trained horticulturists are available to offer any necessary plant care support you may require.

Access our Plant Doctors via your Léon & George account.

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