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Zanzibar Gem 1 ft tall Small Scandinavian Ceramic

Great Gift


Pot style:

Scandinavian Ceramic

Pot color:

Easy Care

Novice. The Zanzibar Gem can be low-maintenance, though require certain conditions

45-day Guarantee

Living plants need time to adapt to changing conditions. If your plant doesn't settle in comfortably within the first 45 days, we'll replace it.

Made to Order

Each and every order is hand-selected, inspected for health, treated for insects, pruned, cleaned and staged in your choice of planter.

Green Shipping

Experience our custom-designed packaging, crafted for the safe and sustainable transit of your plants. Shipped via FedEx, UPS, and USPS, we ensure expedited delivery with package tracking, arriving in just 1 to 6 days. At checkout, customize your delivery by selecting a preferred shipping date to suit your schedule. Our packaging is innovatively designed to secure your plant and planter, minimizing soil displacement and guaranteeing your new green addition arrives in immaculate condition. Dedicated to environmental stewardship, our packagings are 99% recyclable, striving towards a greener delivery process.

Califiornia Sourced

Your orders are prepared in our workshops in Los Angeles, CA.
All our plants are grown in California under ideal conditions and responsibly.
We prioritize for our pots and accessories handmade craftsmanship.

Plant Doctor

Our houseplants are unique, and so are you. Each of our green plants is pampered and delivered with care. Our Plant Doctor is available for personalized and ongoing support to keep your houseplant thriving and looking great.

Plant Details & Size

The Zanzibar Gem is a near indestructible indoor plant. It has long and graceful wandlike stems with lush fleshy leaves, resembling a group of feathers. It is highly adaptable and thrives in a wide range of conditions, great for many home and office environments.

  • Approximately 8 tall in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf
  • Safe for pets
  • Botanical name: Platycerium bifurcatum
  • Native to Australia
  • Live, fully grown, healthy plant · Grown in the USA

*Please note that plants are grown naturally and can vary in height ± 10%. If you're looking for a specific height, please reach out and we'd be happy to help.

Is This the Right Plant for You?

The Zanzibar Gem is a tropical perennial plant and is an excellent choice for low light environments. Sometimes known as the eternity plant due to its ability to handle long periods of neglect, it’s a perfect blend of an attractive and low maintenance option.

Difficulty: Novice

The Zanzibar Gem can be low-maintenance, though require certain conditions


Careful with pets.
The plant may cause mild irritation if ingested.


Prefers medium-bright indirect light, but very tolerant of all light levels · View Light Guide

Pot Design & Size

A sleek, two-piece minimalist vessel accompanied by a deep overflow saucer. Our planters are meticulously crafted from stoneware and high-fired to ensure enduring beauty and style for generations to come.

Construction and details
  • Sized to fit 4" grower pots with extra room for drainage
  • Two-piece design includes pot with drainage hole and deep overflow saucer
  • Glazed inside and out
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications

Care Essentials


Prefers medium-bright indirect light, but very tolerant of all light levels · View Light Guide


Water sparingly, prefers to dry out between waterings

Care Guide

Zanzibar Gems hold water in their root sacs, so they need to be watered only sparingly. Avoid overwatering, and don't be alarmed if two weeks or more go by without the need to water.


Embrace minimalist design with our Scandinavian collection, featuring stoneware ceramic pots with drip saucers for practical elegance. These pieces reflect the essence of Scandinavian design—minimalist, functional, yet warm. Designed with form and function in mind, they are perfectly sized, water sealed, surface safe, and crafted from non-toxic materials.

What's included

When you purchase a plant from Léon & George, each order is prepared with the utmost care and service:

  • Sourced from top California growers
  • Hand-selected for health, shape and beauty
  • Cleaned and shined with our own all-natural soaps
  • Trimmed and pruned for blemishes
  • Inspected and treated with systemic bug protection
  • Soil is topped with preserved forest moss or pebbles for a refined finished touch
  • Carefully wrapped, packed and sealed for their journey to you

When ordered with a ceramic pot, your set is assembled with our staging method for optimal airflow and drainage. Léon & George plants are fitted into the highest quality of small batch, hand-finished stoneware ceramic pots, which are renowned for their high-fire, waterproof, ultra-strong material.

Renée - Plant stylist at Léon & george
Renée Plant Stylist at Léon & George

With their low-maintenance disposition and fun, jungle-vibe foliage, Zanzibar Gems are a perfect fit for kids' rooms. Their full, tall foliage is emphasized by placing them in pairs to flank beds and statement furniture.

Our Premium Plants vs. Others

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Plant with Léon & George
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Plant without Léon & George
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Top Crop Selection
Larger and fuller plants, hand-selected for quality
Complete Finish
Fully shined, designer pot, staged, moss or pebble topping
Ready to Thrive
Healthy plant, proper drainage, insect protection
45 days included, extendable to 12 months
Plant Doctor Access
Personalized support from experts
Loved by 80,000 & counting A world of lush greenery.
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customer reviews for the Zanzibar Gem

Healthy and beautiful plants

Well packaged and in perfect condition when received.

Grace J.

Verified Buyer

January 16, 2023

Westbury, NY

Great plants with fast shipping

Brian H.

Verified Buyer

May 30, 2022

Baton Rouge, LA

Beautiful plant and pot!

Caroline R.

Verified Buyer

February 05, 2022

Park City, UT

Terrific packing!

You did a wonderful job of packing plant for shipment. Once I removed packing I found a very healthy plant in a nice planter. This is the first plant I have ordered from you and there will be others in the future. Thanks!

Joyce D.

Verified Buyer

November 03, 2021

Ocean Pines, MD

Beautiful Healthy Plant and Great Service

I wanted to order a large plant for a corner in my living room. I sent a picture of the area and asked for their suggestion. I quickly received a lovely response and suggestion. I was a bit worried what condition it would arrive in since I live on the east coast. It arrived in beautiful condition and so well packaged. I've since ordered 4 more of their small/medium size plants. I think I may have a small addiction!

Diane M.

Verified Buyer

April 21, 2021

Catonsville, MD

Featured Questions

Are Zanzibar Gems succulents?

Yes, Zanzibar Gems are succulents, and store moisture in their leaves, stems and root sacs.

Are Zanzibar Gems toxic or poisonous to humans or pets?

Zanzibar Gems are considered to be toxic, and care should be taken around pets. Consumption can result in illness.

Do Zanzibar Gems need a lot of light?

Zanzibar Gems are flexible and do not require much sunlight to thrive, though they will grow fastest in spaces that receive medium to bright, direct sunlight.

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