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Plant delivery in Seattle, Washington

Embrace lush greenery with vibrant houseplants, locally delivered to Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas

With the natural beauty of the Cascade Mountains and lush forests surrounding you, you understand the value of vibrant greenery! Discover gorgeous, low-maintenance houseplants delivered seamlessly to your door in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Tacoma and the Seattle Metro area.

Most Popular Plants in Seattle, Washington

All plants include simple care instructions, a 45 day guarantee, and lifetime Plant Doctor support.

Braided Money Tree


Snake Plant Laurentii


SoCal Delivery Only
Black Olive Tree


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


Save $39
Money Tree and Zanzibar Gem Duo

$179 $218

Ponytail Palm

Starting At $329

Bird of Paradise


Kentia Palm



Simple to care for, easy to love

Find your perfect plant.

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