Premium Plant Wood Stand


Premium Plant Wood Stand
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Premium Plant Wood Stand ELEVATE YOUR PLANTS



Wood stand:

Give your plants a lift with a handcrafted Mid-Century wood stand in the shade of your choice. Finished with non-toxic, VOC-free oil and sized to fit potted indoor greenery large and small. Plant and pot not included. Please check the table below to ensure correct sizing before making your purchase.


Materials matter. Our timelessly designed Mid-Century plant stands are handmade using sustainably sourced teak and mahogany woods treated with non-VOC oil to accentuate the natural beauty and grain of each piece. Reversible for varying heights; felt pads included to protect wood floors.
Plant and pot not included.

6” 9” wide by 7.5” tall fits 6” diameter planters Medium plants
10” 12.6” wide by 18” tall fits 10” diameter planters Large plants
12” 15.5” wide by 19” tall fits 12-13” diameter planters Extra Large plants
14” 17.5” wide by 18.75” tall fits 14-15” diameter planters Extra Large plants
  • Light stained teak
  • Dark stained teak
  • Black stained mahogany
  • Looking for both the planter and stand? Find our full collection of Mid-Century vessels here.

What Is Staging?

The term “staging” simply refers to a method of potting plants, wherein the plant stays inside its plastic nursery pot inside the decorative planter or container. It's a much cleaner process than traditional repotting, and there are many benefits that come with it:
  • Better airflow and drainage for potted plants
  • Damage protection for floors and other surfaces, particularly when using planters that are not water-sealed or porous
  • Easy to assemble, for all green-thumb levels and mess-free
  • Easier for health check-ups and replacements
Loved by 80,000 & counting A world of lush greenery.
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customer reviews for the Premium Plant Wood Stand


Stacey B.

Verified Buyer

March 30, 2023

El Cerrito, CA

Absolutely beautiful

The plants are thick, green and hearty. They are beautiful!! Since I have had them, they have really grown. They are so easy to take care of. I have ordered 2 plants so far. I plan on ordering more!!


Verified Buyer

July 27, 2022

Lansdale, PA

Best packaging of a live beautiful plant

The plant is so nice it looks artificial. I love it to pieces.

Brenda M.

Verified Buyer

February 05, 2021

Oxon Hill, MD

Looks great!

Tish J.

Verified Buyer

October 16, 2020

Long Beach, CA


Replaced a damaged one.

Tom M.

Verified Buyer

September 08, 2020

New York, NY

Featured Questions

How do I assemble the wood stand?

Assembly Instructions for Wood Stand

  1. Align and Insert Crossbars: Take the two crossbars and align them with the slots on the legs. Insert the crossbars into the slots, ensuring they fit snugly and the structure forms an "X" shape.

  2. Secure Crossbars: Once the crossbars are inserted, ensure they are securely connected by pushing them firmly into place. Check that the legs are stable and the crossbars are level. Place the Container:

  3. Position the assembled stand upright. Carefully place the container or pot onto the stand, ensuring it sits securely and evenly on the crossbars. Your wood stand is now assembled and ready for use!

Wood Stand assembly

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