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Beautiful living greenery for homes and offices

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Best House Plants Varieties, Seamless Service

From lucky Braided Money Trees, to resilient Snake Plants and the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig, we receive the finest premium indoor plant varieties from our local growers. Whether you're seeking low light plants for offices or pet safe plants for home, ours are the best indoor plants on the market.

Every houseplant set is processed swiftly and securely shipped in custom-engineered insulated packaging to your address.

We make plant delivery simple, with local delivery in California that epitomizes ease of use. Enjoy streamlined communication and exemplary customer service as our team delivers and places your plant in your desired location.

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Exceptional Indoor Plants

When you shop with Léon & George, you receive hand-selected, California grown plant which has been carefully inspected for quality, beauty, and size. We source our plants from local growers that we trust. Every Léon & George plant is trimmed, cleaned, styled, and treated with our own all-natural soap, plant food and insecticides, in-house.

Léon & George plants are fitted into the highest quality of small batch, hand-finished stoneware ceramic pots, which are renowned for their high-fire, waterproof, ultra-strong material. The plants are potted for optimal airflow and drainage, and finished with decorative preserved forest moss. From pot to plant, from home to office, our indoor and outdoor plant sets are simply the finest available.

Our plant care items are formulated in-house and produced locally using ingredients from nature and time-tested recipes, so caring for your plants is always simple and safe.

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A Lifetime of Support

New to gardening? We offer free lifetime access to our Plant Doctor service, through which our staff of master gardeners are available to offer any necessary plant care support you may require.

From large floor plants like Bird of Paradise, to vibrant accent plants like the Peace Lily, Golden Pothos and Chinese Evergreen, our Plant Doctors have the expert, in-depth knowledge to guide you with fast and effective support. If you want your Braided Money Tree to grow sky-high, repot your Ficus or wonder what your Snake Plant's preferred light environment or humidity level is, the Plant Doctor service has you covered.

Try our service and experience the Léon & George difference. Our commitment to quality is our legend, and it's how we've become the foremost industry leader in greenery.

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Extra Large Indoor Plants

4 to 7 feet tall

Large Indoor Plants

2 ½ to 4 feet tall

Medium Indoor Plants

1 to 2 feet tall

Small Indoor Plants

8 to 12 inches tall

Certified Greenery

Highest level of quality approved by California agriculture requirements.

Noble Materials

Sculptured stoneware and sustainably sourced hardwood.

Impeccable Service

From product curation and delivery, to ongoing care support.

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