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Léon & George Launches New Product Line of Luxury Plant Care Essentials

LOS ANGELES -- Since Léon & George's earliest days, the premium houseplant ecommerce retailer has disrupted the market by offering streamlined, high-quality plant sets, inspired by the belief that living plants are key to transcendent indoor spaces.

Now they've expanded beyond the plant set, launching a luxurious collection of lifestyle goods tailored to provide a myriad of rich sensory experiences to customers as they care for their homes and living greenery.

“Experiences at home and in working spaces consist of more than design and decor, and our new collection, L'Alchimie Botanique, elevates these experiences by offering luxurious products that engage the senses (through aroma, tactile feeling, sound) and enhance ordinary routines,” says Nicolas Bartoli, CEO of Léon & George.

From the earthy scent of handcrafted olive oil soap, to the delicacy of small-batch foliar tincture and effective, rich plant food fortified with naturally derived sources, L'Alchimie Botanique focuses on bringing the beauty of nature home with accessible, convenient applications.

Inspired by the tradition of handcrafted soaps and perfumes from the south of France, customers and plants alike are certain to enjoy the luxurious elixirs and their many benefits. L'Alchimie Botanique's array of small-batch, proprietary home and plant care products are available for pre-order now, with an estimated shipping date of early-to-mid August.

The Collection

L'Original - Black Soap Spray

All natural and made with just four ingredients, L'Original acts as a natural leaf shine, insecticide, and fungicide for all living plants.

Boost Vitaminé - Indoor Plant Plant Food

Nourish your plants with this specially-formulated liquid plant food, made with potent nutrients from nature.

Potion Magique - Herbal Foliar Feed

A rich mixture of vitamins and minerals, with a touch of mood-boosting aromas. Applied as a spray, this solution keeps your foliage green and fills your space with luxurious scents.


Léon & George is a California based ecommerce retailer, specializing in premium indoor and outdoor plants, luxury ceramics and lifestyle goods. Recognized for their streamlined local delivery service across California, custom-engineered packaging for nationwide shipping and commitment to exemplary quality, they have cultivated a vast following since the brand's inception in 2016.

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