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We see a future where anyone, anywhere can appreciate the beauty and benefits of nature, where consumers can stay informed and choose sustainability with every purchase.

To bring our impact full circle, with every plant sold we support these initiatives that we believe bring positive lasting impact to society.

Our commitment to


Restoring and revitalizing our forest system ensures air quality, fresh water, and the wildlife diversity that keeps our ecosystem whole.

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National Forest Foundation

Our commitment to


Policy reform to the U.S. criminal justice system is crucial to ensuring a more just and equitable future for the most vulnerable populations.

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Equal Justice Initiative

Our commitment to


Fair and accurate journalism ensures a population that is more informed and connected through the issues that truly matter.

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National Public Radio

Plant A Seed Program

Plant a Seed

In partnership with LBE Design, our still beautiful yet imperfect living plants and ceramics find new homes through donations to schools, hospitals and shelters.

If you're interested in making your community a little greener, send us a note at

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