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Questions about Extra Large Indoor Plants

Large statement plants and indoor trees in 12”-14” grow pots or ceramic planters and ranging from 4-7ft tall

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What are the best extra large plants for making a statement in a large entry hall?

Plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Bird of Paradise are excellent choices for large entry halls. They can grow several feet tall, creating a dramatic focal point that welcomes guests with a touch of nature and elegance.

Which large indoor plants are ideal for living rooms?

Monstera Deliciosa and Rubber Trees are popular for living rooms. Their lush foliage adds a vibrant, tropical feel, and their size can fill empty corners or complement furniture arrangements.

How can I use extra large plants in office spaces for a professional look?

Tall plants like the Kentia Palm or Snake Plant are great for office spaces. They not only improve air quality but also create a serene, professional environment. Place them in corners or near windows for the best effect.

Are large and extra large plants more resilient than smaller plants?

Yes, large plants often have more established root systems, making them more resilient and easier to care for compared to smaller plants. This can be reassuring for those new to plant care or with busy lifestyles.

How do I choose the right extra large plant for my interior design style?

Consider the overall aesthetic of your space. For modern, minimalist designs, opt for plants with clean lines like the Rubber Tree or Fiddle Leaf Fig. For a more tropical or eclectic look, Monstera Deliciosa and Bird of Paradise are ideal. Match the plant's size and foliage with your room's scale and decor.

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