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Create a brighter work space

Beautiful indoors plants, potted and delivered

Corporate gifting and employee perks

Interested in sending 10 or more plants to your employees? We can help with that! Get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

We also work with companies to offer employee perks. Email us to inquire about how we can help your team feel their best at work.

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Make your office a place they'll love coming to

Shop our selection of easy-care office plants, order directly online, and we'll take care of delivery.

Snake Plant Laurentii

Starting At $145

large 2 ½ – 3 ft tall

13 Pot Options

Silver Evergreen


medium 1 ½ ft tall

17 Pot Options

Easy Care
Cascading Pothos

Starting At $44

medium 1-1 ½ ft tall

17 Pot Options

Low Light Adaptable
Silver Evergreen


large 3 ft tall

3 Pot Options

Easy Care
Jade Pothos


small 8 in tall

3 Pot Options

Easy Care
Zanzibar Gem

Starting At $139

medium 1 ½ ft tall

5 Pot Options

Snake Plant Laurentii


medium 1 ½ ft tall

4 Pot Options

Easy Care
Dracaena Lisa

Starting At $499

extra large 5 ½ - 6 ½ ft tall

16 Pot Options

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What our customers are syaing

“When my staff brought the idea of getting professionals to come in and beautify our office with plants, I wrongly thought that I knew better than anyone and could do it much cheaper. What I bought didn't end up looking good, the plants had no coordination together, and sadly they didn't survive in my office's unique environments. My assistant got in touch with Leon & George to plan it professionally, and I OK'd it with my headquarters office. Shortly after, I had both of my sales office clamoring for the same treatment! I couldn't be happier with the way L&G gave my company's workplace such a beautiful face lift.”

Zachary Tyler, CEO -  Creative Marketing Concepts
Zachary Tyler, CEO
Creative Marketing Concepts

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