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Prefers bright indirect light but will tolerate dimmer areas
Once or twice a week, but let soil dry out slightly between waterings
Guaranteed for 30 days, plus unlimited support from our plant care experts

A tree planted for every indoor plant sold

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  • Approximately 1.5 feet in overall height
  • Pots are handmade, approximately 6 inches in diameter, and include a water saucer
  • Scientific name: Chlorophytum comosum
  • Native to tropical and southern Africa
  • Grown in the USA

A version of this care guide is included with each Spider Plant purchase

Follow the instructions below and you should not have problems with your Spider Plant. All plants experience some shock when moved around and may take a bit of time to adjust to their new environment in your home, but the Spider Plant – like all our plants – is strong and adaptable, so take care of it and give it patience and it will reward you with its beauty.


The Spider Plant likes medium to bright indirect light, so make sure it's placed where the light is filtered or out of direct path of the sun.


The Spider Plant likes to have moist soil, so give it a bit of water about once or twice a week, especially if the top part of the soil feels dry to the touch. As with all plants, avoid overwatering and drain any excess water from the bottom of the saucer, as standing water may cause root rot.

Other Things To Know

Sometimes the tips of the leaves get brown, which is a natural occurrence. Feel free to trim away the brown tips by cutting them off with a scissor (outside the line where any green leaf tissue turns brown). The brown tips may also be a result of fluoride present in tap water – try using rainwater or distilled water if the brown tips bother you.

Write us at with any questions about your Spider Plant not covered here.

I'm not in San Francisco – how can I get one of your indoor plants?
We deliver the plants ourselves to make sure they make it to you in the best condition possible. We're currently only delivering in San Francisco (and in surrounding cities with orders of $250 or more) but are planning on expanding to the rest of the Bay Area and beyond. Stay tuned!
How will plants be delivered?
We deliver all plants directly to your (or your recipient's) home or office in elegant packaging and with care instructions on a magnet.
Can I get this plant as a gift for someone else?
Sure! Just put in the recipient's address for shipping and write a note for them when checking out.
What if I have a question about my plant or my order?
Just send us an email at and we'd be happy to help.

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