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Rubber Tree

3-4 ft tall ·Only a few left in stock
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The Rubber Tree gets its name from the milky latex in its leaves which was once used to make natural rubber. The burgundy-colored leaves of this approximately 3-foot-tall variety make it a unique option for any indoor space. This plant grows quickly in ideal conditions, it's easy to care for, and is also an incredible air purifier!

Prefers bright indirect light, but is adaptable to lower levels of light
Water evenly when top part of soil is dry, about once a week
Guaranteed for 30 days, plus unlimited support from our plant care experts

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  • Approximately 3-4 feet in overall height
  • Scientific name: Ficus elastica
  • Native to southeast Asia
  • Grown in the USA
  • Careful with pets · Learn More

Semigloss Plastic

A contemporary, lightweight planter with a built in saucer that allows excess water to drain easily. Made in the USA.

Matte Ceramic

Manufactured of premium stoneware and coated in a subtle matte white ceramic glaze, this is an elegant pot that fits with any decor.

Case Study Ceramic

A classic plant + stand set made of thick high-quality stoneware, coated in a matte white glaze. The wooden stand is Brazilian walnut and made by Modernica, a Los Angeles based premium ceramic and furniture manufacturer.

A version of this care guide is included with each Rubber Tree purchase

Follow the instructions below and you should not have problems with your Rubber Tree. All plants experience some shock when moved around and may take a bit of time to adjust to their new environment in your home, but the Rubber Tree – like all our plants – is strong and adaptable, so take care of it and give it patience and it will reward you with its beauty.


The Rubber Tree prefers bright indirect light, but do not give it direct sunlight for extended periods of time. It will do okay even in lower levels of light, but will grow slower and use less water.


Water the soil evenly when the top couple of inches of the soil are dry, but do not oversaturate. Watering more than once a week is not advised. As with all plants, avoid overwatering and drain any excess water from the bottom of the saucer, as standing water may cause root rot.

Other Things To Know

If it is overwatered, the leaves will get brown and mushy and may fall off. It is best to underwater this plant, though the leaves may start wilting if it doesn't have enough water. Note that the red sheath that protects new leaves will dry out and fall off as the leaf develops, but don't worry, new ones will come!

It's recommended to keep this plant out of direct reach of pets and children as it may slightly irritate them if ingested.

Write us at with any questions about your Rubber Tree not covered here.

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